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Why Tru Male Medical Chose to Offer the REGENmax ED Protocol

By: Our Team


At Tru Male Medical, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients, especially when it comes to sensitive and impactful issues like erectile dysfunction (ED). On October 1, 2023, our partners, Christina Imes and Dr. Robert Marshall, made the strategic decision to incorporate the REGENmax ED protocol into our clinic in Oak Brook, IL. This decision was guided by two crucial criteria: Is this the right choice for our patients, and is this the right choice for our clinic?

The Right Choice for Our Patients

Proven Results

The REGENmax ED protocol has shown remarkable success in clinical trials, reversing erectile dysfunction in 97.2% of men. For our patients, this means access to a reliable, evidence-based solution that stands out amidst a market flooded with unproven treatments.

Patient Testimonials

Since implementing REGENmax, we've seen over forty men enroll in the protocol, generating more than $330,000 in incremental revenue. One of our patients was so satisfied with his results that he recorded a 50-minute testimonial video, sharing his journey from anxiety and doubt to successful treatment. His willingness to openly discuss his experience has inspired us and is now helping to foster a supportive community for others facing similar challenges.

Personalized Care

Our healthcare professionals love providing the REGENmax treatment because it allows them to build strong, personalized relationships with patients. This individualized care approach not only enhances the treatment experience but also leads to incredible satisfaction for both patients and providers.

The Right Choice for Our Clinic

Financial Growth

Introducing the REGENmax protocol has been financially beneficial for our clinic. The substantial revenue increase has allowed us to expand, moving from a 725 sq. foot location to a larger facility to accommodate our growth. We have opened a second location in Delavan, WI to better serve our growing patient base.

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Robert Marshall's passion for men's health and his dedication to helping men live longer, fuller lives were pivotal in our decision to adopt REGENmax. His commitment to evidence-based treatments ensures that we provide our patients with the best possible care, fostering trust and confidence in our clinic.

Team Confidence and Training

Dr. Marshall emphasizes the importance of building confidence within our team. Proper training ensures that our staff can deliver the ultimate patient experience, instilling confidence in the patients undergoing treatment. This confidence is crucial for the long-term success of managing ED.

Why Your Clinic Should Bring in REGENmax

Differentiate Your Practice

In a market saturated with various ED treatments, offering the REGENmax protocol allows your clinic to stand out. Patients are increasingly seeking proven, evidence-based solutions, and REGENmax provides just that.

Increase Revenue

The financial benefits of offering REGENmax are significant. As seen in our own experience, clinics can generate substantial incremental revenue, enabling further growth and investment in patient care.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Providing an effective ED treatment can significantly improve patient satisfaction and loyalty. The success stories and personal testimonials from patients who have undergone the REGENmax protocol speak volumes about its impact.

Comprehensive Support

REGENmax offers extensive support to its licensees, including marketing materials, staff training, and ongoing assistance. This ensures that your clinic is well-prepared to introduce and maintain this new treatment offering.

The Bottom Line

Choosing to offer the REGENmax ED protocol at Tru Male Medical has been a transformative decision for both our patients and our clinic. Dr. Robert Marshall's dedication to medical advancements in treating ED, coupled with the proven success of REGENmax, has reinforced our commitment to providing the best possible care. For clinics considering incorporating REGENmax, the benefits are clear: differentiation, increased revenue, enhanced patient satisfaction, and comprehensive support.

Embrace the future of ED treatment with REGENmax and provide your patients with the solutions they deserve while boosting your clinic’s success.

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