Know the Facts About Stem Cell Therapy!

With so much misinformation about stem cell therapy out there, we put together an experienced team of stem cell scientists & physicians to develop the RegenMax™ Injection Therapy to ensure patients get the highest quality regenerative therapy BASED ON SCIENTIFIC FACTS!


Adipose (fat) Tissue is the Richest Source of Stem Cells in the Body!

Adipose tissue contains up to 500x's more stem cells than bone marrow and many millions more than placenta or amniotic fluid products.

Stem Cells Die Off When Outside of the Body and When Frozen

Stem cells start to lose viability when they are outside of the body...they are like a "fish out of water". Freezing stem cells also decreases stem cell viability. Be sure you receive freshly isolated stem cells that have never been shipped or frozen!

Amniotic/Placenta Products DO NOT Contain Living Stem Cells

Research analyzing amniotic and placenta "stem cell" products have concluded that these products do not contain living stem cells.

Stem Cells Derived From Adipose Tissue Can Differentiate Into Multiple Tissue Types

Multiple studies have concluded that stem cells derived from adipose tissue can differentiate into cartilage, bone, and other soft tissues.

Adipose Tissue Can Be Harvested in a Minimally Invasive Procedure

Adipose tissue can be safely and easily extracted from patients in a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure doesn't even require stitches!

Traditional Procedures Like Arthroscopic Surgery & Cortisone Shots Provide No Lasting Pain Relief

Published in BMJ by an expert panel that reviewed 12 clinical trials and 13 observational studies, concluded that arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee arthritis and meniscal tears resulted in no lasting pain relief or improved function. Another study published in JAMA by researchers at Tufts Medical Center found that the repeated injection of a corticosteroid (cortisone) resulted in greater loss of knee cartilage and no significant difference in knee pain compared to patients who received a placebo injection.

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