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The Benefits of Becoming a REGENmax Licensee

By: Our Team


The Benefits of Becoming a REGENmax Licensee: Revolutionizing ED Treatment and Boosting Clinic Revenue

In the ever-evolving landscape of men's health, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) is on the rise, impacting men of all ages. Recent studies reveal that up to 50% of men over the age of 60 experience some form of sexual dysfunction. With such significant numbers, the demand for effective, evidence-based solutions has never been greater. Enter REGENmax—a patented treatment for the reversal of erectile dysfunction that has demonstrated remarkable success in clinical trials, offering an opportunity for healthcare providers (HCPs) to meet this growing need.

Proven Efficacy and Financial Benefits

Clinical Success of REGENmax

One of the most compelling reasons to consider becoming a REGENmax licensee is the treatment’s proven effectiveness. Clinical trials have shown that REGENmax reverses erectile dysfunction in 97.2% of men. This evidence-based approach stands in stark contrast to the plethora of unproven pills, creams, and supplements that flood the market. Patients can trust in REGENmax's scientifically validated results, making it a preferred choice for those seeking reliable ED solutions.

Financial Impact on Clinics

Beyond the clinical benefits, REGENmax offers substantial financial incentives for clinics. Licensees have reported seeing over $30,000 in incremental monthly revenue within the first six months of offering this groundbreaking treatment. This significant boost not only enhances the clinic’s bottom line but also demonstrates a commitment to providing leading-edge treatments.

Ideal Candidates for REGENmax License

Types of Clinics

REGENmax is an excellent addition for various types of clinics, including:

Urology Clinics: Specializing in male reproductive health, urology clinics can seamlessly integrate REGENmax into their range of treatments.

Men’s Health Clinics: Clinics focusing on comprehensive men’s health can broaden their services by incorporating an effective ED treatment.

General Practice Clinics: General practitioners looking to diversify their offerings and cater to an increasing demand for ED solutions will find REGENmax to be a valuable addition.

Sexual Health Clinics: Clinics dedicated to sexual health can enhance their reputation and attract a broader patient base by offering a proven ED treatment.

Benefits of Becoming a REGENmax Licensee

Differentiation and Expertise

In a market saturated with various ED treatments, REGENmax licensees can immediately differentiate themselves. By offering a patented, evidence-based solution, clinics signal their commitment to cutting-edge treatments and position themselves as experts in the field of erectile dysfunction.

Patient Trust and Satisfaction

Patients today are inundated with conflicting information and dubious treatment options. By providing REGENmax, clinics can offer a trusted and scientifically backed solution, leading to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Revenue Growth

As mentioned, the financial benefits are significant. The potential for over $30,000 in additional monthly revenue can be transformative for clinics, allowing them to invest further in patient care and clinic enhancements.

Marketing Support and Training

REGENmax provides comprehensive support to its licensees, including marketing materials, staff training, and ongoing support. This ensures that clinics are well-equipped to introduce and maintain this new treatment offering successfully.


Becoming a REGENmax licensee offers a myriad of benefits—from clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction to substantial financial gains and differentiation in a crowded market. Urology clinics, men’s health clinics, general practices, and sexual health clinics are all ideal candidates for this innovative treatment. By integrating REGENmax, clinics can not only meet the moment but also secure a leadership position in the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Embrace the future of ED treatment with REGENmax and provide your patients with the solutions they deserve while boosting your clinic’s success.

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