The only global patent with 97.2% efficacy in clinical trials for erectile dysfunction reversal

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Sexual Wellness Centers of America Awarded the First and Only Global Erectile Dysfunction Trademark Patent for its REGENmax Protocol that Reverses ED in 97% of men.

Colleyville, TX – October 24, 2023– Sexual Wellness Centers of America (SWC) proudly announces its issuance and assignment of US patent number 11,806,301 for the world's first Erectile Dysfunction (ED) global trademark patent of its REGENmax protocol. This revolutionary treatment completely reverses ED. This groundbreaking protocol in a 250-patient study demonstrated 97% effectiveness in eradicating ED, finally providing a treatment protocol and medical solution for the over 56 MM worldwide suffering unnecessarily from this debilitating male condition.

Erectile dysfunction affects tens of millions of men worldwide, significantly impacting their quality of life and self-esteem. Until now, available treatments often relied on pills or surgery, resulting in inconsistent, costly, and temporary results. Hundreds of millions of dollars in R & D have been spent to date for ED, all without significant and permanent reversible results. Even the most recent FDA-approved product amounts to no more than a 60% success rate compared to REGENmax’s 97% ED reversal. The REGENmax protocol has solved the root causes of ED through a multi-faceted approach, with no need for pills or surgical intervention.

Over the last 15 years and a significant investment in scientific and clinical studies, a team of SWC MDs and PhDs have diligently researched and optimized the REGENmax protocol. Having successfully treated countless patients at their Frisco and Colleyville, Texas locations for years, SWC conducted a formal clinical study of over 250 patients and employed the REGENmax protocol. 243 patients were found to have reversed their ED after a one-year follow-up, a 97.2% success rate. SWC has since begun commercializing its patented ED protocol through its partnership with TruMale Medical in Oak Brook, Illinois, making it the first licensee to offer REGENmax in its clinic.

This innovative approach, developed over years of rigorous research, promises to significantly deliver treatment success for ED patients of practice owners, medical providers, and clinicians. By integrating REGENmax into their existing protocols, medical practices can now offer patients a more cost-effective and non-invasive solution for addressing the root causes of erectile dysfunction at a significant lifetime cost savings. TruMale founder Dr. Robert Marshall stated his decision to license the protocol was based on the research, the approach, and the success rate. “Before REGENmax, there was nothing like this in the current erectile dysfunction landscape of treatments, and we pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date and effective solutions for our patients.” Christina Imes, owner/ Co-Founder of TruMale Medical, also shared her experience: "We were naturally skeptical when we first heard about the REGENmax protocol. Dr. Marshall and I have extensive experience in treating ED, and historically, our best efforts yielded success rates of 60% with existing protocols. However, after reviewing the research, especially the clinical study involving 250 patients, where an astounding 243 were successfully treated, we knew we owed it to our patients to introduce this protocol into our clinic. The response has been remarkable, and we are already contemplating expanding to a second location."

Sexual Wellness Centers of America now intends to extend the reach of its REGENmax protocol to the over 56 MM and growing men suffering from ED. SWC has retained investment advisers to explore strategic options worldwide, including licensing to practices and other strategic partnership options. For inquiries or more information about the REGENmax protocol, please contact:

About Sexual Wellness Centers of America: Sexual Wellness Centers of America is a leading authority in sexual health, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by sexual dysfunction. With a commitment to innovation and effective treatment options, they are proud to introduce the REGENmax protocol, offering a non-invasive and highly successful solution for erectile dysfunction.